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The Science behind the Cov-2 Virus, the PCR test, mRNA labeled as a Vaccine, EUA, Informed Consent and the Law, Big Pharma and Medical Corporate Monopoly, Liability Immunity, the World Bank Syndicate, Governments and the monetary system, Trillions in Credit issued by Congress to the banking institutions, pay offs to the “Legacy” Media and Education Institutions (Corps.).

Prospectus of: the lost “American” democratic republic and the People’s Common Law Courts of Record to Bankruptcy and the instatement of Corporate Governance and totalitarianism through tacit consent.

What is the people’s obligation to Future Generations?

Get it back.

All generations matter.

Explore the science and forensic examinations of the following subjects and challenge anyone to locate and produce their facts, and evidence on findings. All are invited to contribute their information in our blog, with good evidence.
Remember the objective: truth, the full story, and, don’t forget; “Who benefits?”

On beneficiaries See IVeMedia.org/law featuring the “Fauci/COVID-19 DOSSIER” by David E. Martin International Investigator and Analyst with M-CAM on 22 years of evidence following the evolution of the “COVID-19 Monopoly” as presented by The Who, CDC, NIAIH, Fauci, etc., and the Vaccine Companies.

PhD Emergency Doctor and Lawyer Simone Gold covers the facts on the subjects.