Illinios Valley Community Media & Education Center




About Us

IVeMeida is a subgroup of the Illinois Valley Community Media and Education Center (IVCMEC). It operates, currently, as a multimedia ‘forum’ that connects with the community to collaborate on local education and research projects. Our primary project for 2024 is the “Illinois Valley Health Freedom Forum & Information Center” (HFFIC). HFFIC focus is on independent and parallel health providers, associations, researchers, and sourcing supportive evidence based medical and science information. We research and collaborate with other creditable independent researchers or groups to convey the best reliable information we can. Our secondary project is the Sovereignty Group and Study. Our organization’s history started in Cave Junction, at 104C Redwood Ave. as a formal group in 2005, and then operating since 2010 more remotely, as a home office entity. 

Further more we produce and share Literature, host forums on local topics, generate local media and news outlets, bulletins, bridge the gaps and build good faith collaboration with government agencies, CONFRONT; misinformation, censorship, injustice, fraud and oppression. Thoughtfully convey history “accurately as we can” and we promote education on American Common Law, the People’s Grand Jury and the historical Courts of Record. We advocate for: critical thinking, independent (evidence based) scientific research, and common sense. OUR OBJECTIVE: is to inspire a “well informed community”, to enhance focus on and to build clear vision initiatives, with local people, for the welfare of all in the Illinois Valley and spanning throughout the region of Souther Oregon. We stand for truth, justice, inclusiveness, non-violence and non-violation of all rights human and of nature to thrive (uphold good stewardship).

When people are well educated on the important matters facing them we have all the faith in their ability to make the best decisions concerning their lives and their future. Governments should not be running our lives, but rather, we need to take responsibility to direct government on how best to serve us.

We as Oregonians, and people of the free world can no longer afford to let ourselves be sidelined. Each of us bears a responsibility, as a member of the country “of sovereign people”, to act in behalf of our future generations. And, to thy’n own-self be true.