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This WebPage is focused on Fire Watch, E-Prep and Communications for Takilma, Obrien, and extended areas. We support a neighborhood by neighborhood to community team effort in building guidlines for public safety. Below is an audio file of recent meeting at the Dome School Thursday, June 10th, held at 1pm.

Our next meeting is Thursday, August 5th, 1 PM, at the Dome School. Potluck starting at 12:30 PM.

Meeting currently are weekly at the Dome School, Thrusdays – 1PM.

Main Topics and Action Items:

  • Emergency Phone Tree List
  • Mapping. Grouping neighborhoods, create evac plan, determine special needs
  • Alert Notification System -ANS- (cell & smart phones) – enlist community subscribers
  • 2-Way long distance hand held radios (Baofeng UV-5R series radios)
  • Conduct briefing on radios and ANS.
  • Conduct a drill with everyone in the system
  • Discuss Fire Watch, Community Fire Suppression Tactics. Source and list skillsets, equipment and resources.
  • Community Emergency Response Training and scenario drills

We are currently working on expanding network subscribers to the Alert and Emergency Preparations System and Illinois Valley community recourse cooperative. It starts when neighbors get together and talk about how to keep their neighborhood safe. A few neighbors can join, subscribe to our system and get support to create your own neighborhood’s response to threats, and, to support each other in building Networks of neighborhoods for mutual aid. There is nothing more empowering than a community united for its welfare.

We’ll have progress reports and logistic materials being added to this page to keep you all informed. I’ll be posting frequent materials as they develop. – Guenter

We are reaching out

Next few meetings are on July 15th and the 22nd, Thursdays, 1 PM, at the Dome School. We are also on FaceBook: “What’s Happening Takilma?” and We have the “TKOB-E-prep Facebook Group” You can also find source information, content, and meeting info on this web page.

We have now 15 members on the Takilma Alert Notification System (smart phone), and 8 people with 2-way BaoFeng hand held radios with scanners, and, a repeater at Meadow Dr. to increase radio coverage. We expanding networking for effective immediate response to threats. Goal having the whole community ALERTED within 5 minutes with regular updates in real time.  After building the communication system create a resource pool mutual aid share to address needs, evacuation, security, and small fire immediate intervention. Concerned community members are needed to help plug-in their their neighborhoods to build their emergency response program.

Major Fires are blossoming in the western states and we have 3 months of Fire Season still ahead of us. Now couple that with a totally “off the chart” drought. The Slater Fire burn out increased rapid forest drying of the remaining green areas. Think, a Biscuit Fire size overlay from Takilma to Cave Junction, 500,000 acres. The Slater covered 50,000 acres in less than 24 hours. The winds stopped just in time.  The Biscuit Fire was half a million acres (started July 2002 lightning). 

We are doing this together, one neighborhood at a time. Take action. Join us. Help us to help your neighborhoods to network for safety, and BE PREPARED. Be ready for the worst, hop for the best, take what comes.