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Greetings! Welcome to IVeMedia. We are a Fellowship of Health Advocates of researchers in the Illinois River Valley, S. Oregon Since mid 2020 we have shifted our primary content “focus” towards health care information. IVeMedia, in partnership with the I.V. Health Freedom Group (fellowship) provides a comprehensive platform for evidence based information, research, and community engagement. We source prime independent* educational content, healthcare advocacy, medical and biological studies ( with emphasis on: cancer care, mRNA spike protein, addiction recover, diet and lifestyle).

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We also feature independent* sources of News, and journalism – covering environmental, sociological/spiritual, economics, and world view. See our “About Us” page for more ( it can feature the links to already posted subjects).

Spiritual and social wellbeing, addiction recover, cancer care, prevention, understanding the mRNA spike protein, and an informed empowered community is our goal. Being available for each other.

Visit our Health Freedom Center, backroom of the Ascension Art n Tea House, 200 W. Lister St. Cave Junction, across the street from the Post Office.

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We look forward to helping you be well informed, empowered, as we are learning to be, and healthy. We welcome you to visit, or join our Meetings and Forums. Our motto: When anyone reaches out for help we want the hand of our community to be there, and for that, I am responsible. May your day’s journey be all that it can be and find you smiling back at it.

Restorative Justice

The Science behind the Cov-2 Virus, the PCR test, mRNA labeled as a Vaccine, EUA, Informed Consent and the Law, Big Pharma and Medical Corporate Monopoly, Liability Immunity, the World Bank Syndicate, Governments and the monetary system, Trillions in Credit issued by...


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